Madonna Inn

This post is really late! I’m sorry!

Went on this trip back in the beginning of March! But I took my best friend to the Madonna Inn to celebrate her last fling before her wedding!

We brought a ton of dresses and accessories to wear to shoot around the hotel and just have an overall fun girly weekend!

We stayed in the room “GO”.  It was a room fit for a Princess, with a high ceiling, beautiful sparkly blue walls, comfortable queen bed, vintage chairs and beautiful details in the bathroom, including a seat warming toilet! The room was a rounded shape and every wall was lined with sequin looking blue wall paper. It was really magical and now I want my own room at home to look like this!
The “GO” room is part of a collection of rooms at the Madonna Inn, being the middle room between ‘Merry’, ‘Go’, ‘Round’. Each room for this series has a different sparkly colored wall and fun vintage furniture to finish them. If you stay in ‘Merry’ it would bright pink walls just like a Barbie glam house! If you so get a chance to stay in all 3 rooms I’m sure it’ll be super fun and sparkly!


The hotel itself is so fun! When first looking up the rooms, I thought they would be tacky, but I was really wrong. I was really surprised at how beautiful the hotel was with its old classic feel. The gaudy flower carpet throughout the hotel shops, lobby/reception and dining areas were really a fun touch to give this place some character. The awesome bar and lounge area lead right into the beautiful Alex Steakhouse. The dinning area had amazing hot pink booth seats and twinkling lights and roses all around! There was so much to look at it is a bit overwhelming but it’s a great place for a romantic dinner or fun place for a bachlorette party! The room was filled with red hanging paper hearts, and there were touches of different colors from the plants, table settings and water cups on the tables. The Valentine’s decorations were still up giving it an even more romantic feel, but I heard for the holiday season it is beautifully decorated with Christmas decor.
Looking past the beautiful decorations though, the food was a bit disappointing. Well overpriced for what you get. It wasn’t bad, there was just anything WOW about it. We ordered the Rib Eye Steak and Farfaelle Chicken Pasta. Presentation could use a bit more work for a place this pricey but it was not a bad meal because you pay for the atmosphere of the charming and romantic feel of the restaurant.


The next morning, we checked out the Copper Cafe. Really cute old world type of feel, with wood carvings everywhere. It was very charming and we were pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced and delicious our breakfast was. Also wanted to note that the sugar was pink! hehe. Really cute touch.


Overall really enjoyed our stay at the Madonna Inn! There is a lot to see and do here, with the fun decor of the whole hotel, the beautiful pool and spa area, as well as a cute secret garden and a lot of fun quirky art installations all over the place! Not to mention the hot pink tennis courts! I would highly recommend this place for weddings, bachelorette parties, birthdays, girls weekend, or a romantic getaway. It’s definitely suitable and fun for families but I personally think it’s much more exciting and fun for an older crowd. They say they have a room for just about everyone!

I will be back to check out another room sometime in the near future!
Take a gander and check it out yourself!
Click here to view the Madonna Inn Website.

Thanks for reading! 😀 ❤



Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream!

The second most happiest place on Earth? Quite possibly! This museum building is so pink it’s hard to miss if you’re in the area! Just think of Unicorns and magical fairies that spewed a cotton candy mess over the buildings! hehe!

The Museum of Ice Cream started off in New York and has finally come to Los Angeles. It is completely sold out till July 10th. BUTTTT…. You have a chance to go still! The Museum has just been extended till end of August! You can buy presale American Express tomorrow aMay 11th at 9am PST. Or General sale on Friday at 9am PST! Get them fast! There is a waiting room process to receive tickets. Click here to go to their website!

There about 10 fun filled installation rooms, with a variety of awesomeness! Picture perfect for those instagram posts and making your friend who couldn’t get tickets, jealous! It’s a really fun happy go lucky place! I mean, how can one be sad looking at giant Popsicles, bananas suspended from the ceiling, giant Gummi bears, dipping into a Sprinkle pool, and trying samples upon samples of deliciousness! You won’t learn too much history about ice cream here though, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you won’t be disappointed!

Warning: If you don’t want your experience to be spoiled, please do not read ahead!


Right off the bat, I had high expectations for this museum but and it was a little disappointing in parts! For starters, that costly price of $29 (adults), $18 (kids) for a timed entry! My friends and I felt a bit rushed through the whole museum! It’s not very big, so they only let in about 15-20 people per group and you can only move forward. If you don’t mind waiting around you can stay behind and take as many photos at your hearts content, but then the next group of people are ushered in so that you have new people right on your tail.

You know those promo videos floating around all the social media platforms? Well those videos show you pretty much everything in the museum, so there are no big surprises.

You start off in a room to hear about the rules of the museum from a very peppy Ice Cream Enthusiast and you reach in to a ice cream cart and grab a Dove chocolate. If you have red or blue you just get a yummy treat, if you happen to choose a gold wrapped chocolate you get an extra special prize at the end of the tour. No idea what that extra goodie was, since no one in our group got it! Maybe you’ll have better luck!

Moving along, we entered the pink room! This room is pink perfection! A room filled with old pay phones hanging on the wall. Make sure when you pick up a phone to hear the Ice cream fairy announcer gush about what to expect along your journey and he makes you do a few fun things while you prepare for your adventure!


Next up! California Room! This room samples an ice cream scoop from different ice creams shops in California! There is a very cute mural of the Iconic Hollywood sign made Ice cream 😀 There is even a trampoline to jump on to take those soaring pics!


And then… this SHIT gets BANANAS! . . . B-A-N-A-N-A!


Each room had a Ice Cream Museum Enthusiast telling us a bit about each room and the things that we were sampling, but nothing too informative about the artists or art. The artist’s names were on the walls but were hard to find. Also no Mediums of what the art was made out of or how they were created by the Artists were provided.

We made it to the Mint Room! Or should I say the Greenhouse!
Mint plants grow in chocolate soil to get chocolate mint! You get to try a sample of some yummy Chocolate Mint Mochi! Yum yum!


Popsicles! This room was super fun! You can’t touch any of the exhibits but this was really fun to snap a few photos!


On to the Gummi Bear room! Learned quite a bit about Gummi bears, more so than ice cream actually! Did you know the green gummi bear is Strawberry flavored?


Abel Bentin who came all the way from South America to do this art piece. It was very unique, but this part got a bit crowded for us, because after this room is the Sprinkles room and it backs up into a long line. So beware! While you wait though, you can snap a few photos in front of the exhibit and taste some Charcoal chocolate cookie dough. It was very sweet, not my favorite and it turns your teeth and tongue black! So heads up if you plan on taking selfies moments after! hehe


The Sprinkle Pool!
This is super fun! Buttt it is a bit of a wait to get into the pool. Once in the pool you only get 3minutes to take as many photos as you can! Not enough time at all! But you will leave with a few stow away sprinkles after your visit!

I Scream for you Breakfast!
Grab one more sample on your way out! It’s a pancake ice cream sandwich! EAT IT FAST! It melts very fast! Here are a few more photos from my visit! And some photos from the cute gift shop after!


Overall it was a fun place to visit! I don’t think I would return but it was a fun photo opportunity and pretty cute! Remember tickets are on sale now! Go peep it if you’d like your own ice cream experience!




Scum & Villainy


This past weekend my friends and I got to check out the Scum & Villainy Cantina. It’s a fan based pop up bar located in a secretive spot in the heart of Hollywood. It has been opened for about a month already and they just announced an extension till the end of June!
We were really excited to finally get to go, after booking reservations 6 months ago!
I recommend getting there a bit early if you’d like a booth or table, otherwise you’ll be standing around for a while till the crowd thins out.  Our reservation was for 8:30pm so we got there about 7:45pm and there weren’t too many people in front of us. We were handed a ticket to get our souvenir coin and glass cup before we leave, and 2 drink tokens which was included in our price we paid for when we made reservations. We were let in promptly at 8:30pm and my group managed to snag a high top table as the booths filled up super quick! Do not be afraid to share a booth though! They are quite big!


It’s a pretty small bar but the energy and the vibes of the staff and guests were out of this world! There were about 6 large booths and a few high top tables. The ambiance was fun, with low colored lights and fog machines which added to the spacey vibes. Staff was really friendly, as well as efficient in cleaning up empty drink cups and taking away food trays. Music was a mix of fun sci-fi type of beats as well as a mixed version of the Cantina song! Overall bar, lacks any iconic decor but it is a temporary pop up bar and and no one wants to be sued so it’s kept pretty low key.


The drink menu was pretty minimal but satisfying! There were three speciality drinks and a good selection of beers. The drinks were all pretty good, especially the Wretched Blue Milk! All the drinks come accessorized with mini glow sticks for those mini light saber battles! On the other side of the menu were a few food options, pretty much your typical bar food; Tacos, Tater tots, and quesadilla. Pricing is a bit steep but you get a lot for the price so it makes it worth while if you’re hungry!


Many people came dressed up in costumes or themed fashionable attire. We had quite a bit of fun mingling with everyone around us sharing our love of this fandom. Here are some photos of our night out!


If you are a Star Wars fan, I would highly recommend checking out Scum & Villainy’s before they are gone! Here is website here to reserve some tickets through June!
—> Scum & Villainy Website



Snow Machines, Dog Mushing & Reindeer Ranch

If you guys missed the first part of my Fairbanks post, please go here to read it!

Snow Machines & Dog Mushing in an Alaskan winter is a must!
We took a snow mobiling tour with Rods Alaska Guide Service. We did the 1 hour tour and we got to check out some beautiful landscapes of the North Pole. I was corrected by our guide, Chuck, that ‘Snow Mobiling’ is not the right way of talking about this activity. It’s called Snow Machining! My bad!
We were able to get suited up for our ride with helmets and warm gear. We had luxury machines with hand warmers which were really nice! This activity costs about $120+ for a 1 hour tour, depending on which tour company you go with. So be sure to save if you’d like to indulge! The trails he took us on are shared with Dog Mushing teams so we were able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful backdrop without many distractions. Chuck apparently pointed out a big Moose along our ride, unfortunately I was lagging too far behind to notice. Kim also got stuck in the snow with her snow machine for the second time on our trip, always a good laugh there. But overall a really fun time being able to go pretty fast down all the snowy bumps in the road, nearly flying off those machines!! I will for sure want to go snow mobiling again! It does tire your hands out a bit though! So maybe do a few hand stretches before! 🙂


Dog Mushing in Fairbanks with Just Short of Magic!

My group of friends booked a 1 hour dog mushing tour, but when we got there we were told our hour tour would be cut down to a half hour, due to the weather being too warm for the dogs (30 degrees). We were a little disappointed but fully understood that it was too warm for the doggies, and with so many tours going on, they did not want to exhaust them all. Still, we were excited to see and meet the pups! It was a really fun experience! The doggies are well taken care of and really love running through the snow. Once they get back they like to roll around in the snow to cool down!

Our tour guide was Jeremy loves his pack of doggies so much. He said he has about 40 dogs of his own at his home. He owns his own company, Howling Ridge. He gave us alot of insight into how he and other Dog Mushers choose their teams, and what they look out for in their dogs, such as strength, focus, and energy.  In the photos below we have his pack of doggies, leading with the lead dogs, Juno, Figgit, followed by the rest of the team; Velocity, Four, Hannah, Fleetwood, and brothers Iger, and Samford. 😀


So fun going from Snow machines to dog mushing, much more peaceful and slower pace but really awesome!

Running Reindeer Ranch
This was also an awesome experience! Jane, the Reindeer Ranch owner, has a wealth of knowledge and skillset with reindeer. She talked about how she got her first Reindeer and how the family grew! Reindeer are very gentle animals, just don’t touch their antlers! It was really interesting and alot of information on how to take care and raise them. After hearing the safety talk, we took a stroll through the beautiful snowy woods behind her house and we were able to watch the Reindeer frolic around in the snow and nibble for food. After the walk we went inside Jane’s house to get some tea, coffee and cookies! Oh boy, those chocolate chip cookies were soo good!

Running Reindeer Ranch is definitely a great experience and worth the money and drive to hang out with these beauties! The talking portion is a bit long but it’s still all very interesting and worth it! Make sure you plan on being on this tour for at least 3 hours.DSC01767DSC01739DSC01755DSC01744DSC01762DSC0175017038882_10154201454877120_4882792883087809313_o

After all these fun activities, we were still unable to see the Northern lights. But we had alot of fun with all the extra activities we packed in! 😀

I will make one more post about Fairbanks to tie things up with a video! Stay tuned! 😀

Fairbanks, Alaska – Part 1

I planned a trip with 4 random girls I met on a Facebook group, called Girls Love Travel. Nofar, Kim, Astri and I decided to embark on a journey to Fairbanks, Alaska to see the Northern Lights!

We all met up in Seattle for our short layovers on our way to Fairbanks. It was about a 3 hour plane ride. Not too bad! See Seattle Post here:

Got to Fairbanks safely and picked up our rental car and drove to our cute hostel!

9th avenue hostel.

Chena Hot Springs

Chena Hot Springs Resort is in a remote area but we headed there to see the Northern Lights. We figured we would make a day trip out of it since it was an hour away from Fairbanks.

There should have been many activities to do there; snow mobiling, dog mushing, ice museum, hot springs, northern lights tours, snow coach tours, snow shoeing, ice skating etc.

The disappointing factors were, the ice skate rink was snowed over, most of the tours were already booked up, or just really expensive. They charge you $8 for wifi that didn’t even work. Only 2 of us were able to go Snow Mobiling, since their other 2 Snow Machines were broken. For $65 a person, our snow mobile guide took us around the resort and up into the mountains. It was a fun experience and great to get a view of Chena in its snow covered glory!

Lunch at the Chena Hot Springs Restaurant
This was nothing fancy, we ordered a grilled cheese, crab cakes and a Salmon BLT sandwhich, and they were all bland and overpriced. Not much to say here.

Aurora Ice Museum

We went on a 45minute tour to the Ice Museum.  This tour was pretty cool for $15. We got to see an assortment of ice sculptures that were all lit up. You get to walk around at your own pace. There were also a few little rooms to check out and take some cool photos in. There isn’t very much to see but I think $15 value is worth it for the ‘cool’ factor -saying you’re in an ice museum and supporting the artists, Steve and Heather Brice! You can pay in advance for an Appletini, which is an apple vodka martini served in an ice martini glass! It was really fun to drink out of it, but this drink cost $15. Not really worth the price but it was definitely fun to take photos with and drink out of. They even let you take the ice glass home with you! HA! We had some fun with the ice glasses once we were back out in the snow.

We took the time to check out the free Geo Thermal Tour and tour of the resort areas. We saw some Reindeer, chicken pens, Green house an geo thermal heating system.

Next up we headed to the actual Hot Springs. This cost $15 to go in. You are not allowed to wear your shoes inside, just wear slippers or go barefoot (gross). We checked out the different pools, they have 1 big indoor pool with a jacuzzi, a smaller jacuzzi outside separated from the bigger outdoor pool. The outdoor hot springs itself was really awesome and much bigger than I expected. If you do go at night, just beware that it’s not very well lit but still something to do and it’s open till Midnight! If you’re lucky you can possibly see the Auroras over the skies while in the hot springs! But If I could go again, I’d definitely go during the day time.

We got out of the pools and got ready to go see the lights but we unfortunately didn’t see any Auroras at Chena Hot Springs. The cloud coverage was just too heavy, and there were no openings in the clouds to see the awesome display of what would have been an awesome show. We still crossed out fingers in hopes that they would make an appearance at least once during our weekend trip! As we were leaving Chena, I realized I lost my ID and credit card, but it was still an awesome day!

So that wraps up the first part of my Alaska trip! More to come soon!

In the mean time check out my friend Nofar’s blog and her experience from our Alaska trip here:



Seattle for 8 hours

I had an 8 hour lay over in Seattle, WA on my way to Fairbanks, AK!
It was a fun experience to get into the city and see and do as much as possible with the short amount I was there.
The Light Rail was an awesome way of transportation getting in and around town. The station is right by the airport. Took the light rail to Westlake station and walked over to Pikes Place Market.
Here are a few photos of Pikes:



Next up, I took a Lyft to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. This is located in the city center, right next to the Space Needle. I spent about 1 hour there. It isn’t a very big museum, but it is really impressive to walk through the exhibits and admire the glass sculptures.
I then headed over to Pioneer Square. I thought I could fit in the free Underground Tour, but didn’t get a chance. Just took a few snaps and started walking back towards the station. Got a little lost, but a Seattle local helped walked me to the train station and I jumped on and headed back to the airport with time to spare.

Borrego Springs

Right now if you are reading this, make a trip out to the Anza Borrego Desert for the Super Bloom before it’s gone!! It’s going on right now through mid April. California has gotten a lot of good rain this season and it’s been the best flower bloom in years! Unfortunately I won’t be able to get out to Borrego this year for the Super Bloom but here’s a small recap of the metal sculptures you should also see while you are out there!

There are over 130 metal sculptures scattered throughout the Borrego Desert, created by artist, Ricardo Breceda. Some of the sculptures are a real trek to get to, so make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and that you are okay with getting your car and yourself a little dusty!

Ricardo’s sculptures celebrate the history and culture of the area, the desert environment, and pure fantasy! Loved seeing the Serpent and Dinosaurs in person. There were never too many people around so we were able to be a little silly in our photos! You can pick up a map in the town’s visitor center that marks where most of the sculptures are! It’s not a huge town so plan accordingly and get there early for flowers and or sculpture hunting!