Fairbanks, Alaska – Part 1

I planned a trip with 4 random girls I met on a Facebook group, called Girls Love Travel. Nofar, Kim, Astri and I decided to embark on a journey to Fairbanks, Alaska to see the Northern Lights!

We all met up in Seattle for our short layovers on our way to Fairbanks. It was about a 3 hour plane ride. Not too bad! See Seattle Post here: https://wordpress.com/post/beeetravels.wordpress.com/359

Got to Fairbanks safely and picked up our rental car and drove to our cute hostel!

9th avenue hostel.

Chena Hot Springs

Chena Hot Springs Resort is in a remote area but we headed there to see the Northern Lights. We figured we would make a day trip out of it since it was an hour away from Fairbanks.

There should have been many activities to do there; snow mobiling, dog mushing, ice museum, hot springs, northern lights tours, snow coach tours, snow shoeing, ice skating etc.

The disappointing factors were, the ice skate rink was snowed over, most of the tours were already booked up, or just really expensive. They charge you $8 for wifi that didn’t even work. Only 2 of us were able to go Snow Mobiling, since their other 2 Snow Machines were broken. For $65 a person, our snow mobile guide took us around the resort and up into the mountains. It was a fun experience and great to get a view of Chena in its snow covered glory!

Lunch at the Chena Hot Springs Restaurant
This was nothing fancy, we ordered a grilled cheese, crab cakes and a Salmon BLT sandwhich, and they were all bland and overpriced. Not much to say here.

Aurora Ice Museum

We went on a 45minute tour to the Ice Museum.  This tour was pretty cool for $15. We got to see an assortment of ice sculptures that were all lit up. You get to walk around at your own pace. There were also a few little rooms to check out and take some cool photos in. There isn’t very much to see but I think $15 value is worth it for the ‘cool’ factor -saying you’re in an ice museum and supporting the artists, Steve and Heather Brice! You can pay in advance for an Appletini, which is an apple vodka martini served in an ice martini glass! It was really fun to drink out of it, but this drink cost $15. Not really worth the price but it was definitely fun to take photos with and drink out of. They even let you take the ice glass home with you! HA! We had some fun with the ice glasses once we were back out in the snow.

We took the time to check out the free Geo Thermal Tour and tour of the resort areas. We saw some Reindeer, chicken pens, Green house an geo thermal heating system.

Next up we headed to the actual Hot Springs. This cost $15 to go in. You are not allowed to wear your shoes inside, just wear slippers or go barefoot (gross). We checked out the different pools, they have 1 big indoor pool with a jacuzzi, a smaller jacuzzi outside separated from the bigger outdoor pool. The outdoor hot springs itself was really awesome and much bigger than I expected. If you do go at night, just beware that it’s not very well lit but still something to do and it’s open till Midnight! If you’re lucky you can possibly see the Auroras over the skies while in the hot springs! But If I could go again, I’d definitely go during the day time.

We got out of the pools and got ready to go see the lights but we unfortunately didn’t see any Auroras at Chena Hot Springs. The cloud coverage was just too heavy, and there were no openings in the clouds to see the awesome display of what would have been an awesome show. We still crossed out fingers in hopes that they would make an appearance at least once during our weekend trip! As we were leaving Chena, I realized I lost my ID and credit card, but it was still an awesome day!

So that wraps up the first part of my Alaska trip! More to come soon!

In the mean time check out my friend Nofar’s blog and her experience from our Alaska trip here: https://thegirlattheairport.com/2017/03/20/fairbanks-alaska/




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