Seattle for 8 hours

I had an 8 hour lay over in Seattle, WA on my way to Fairbanks, AK!
It was a fun experience to get into the city and see and do as much as possible with the short amount I was there.
The Light Rail was an awesome way of transportation getting in and around town. The station is right by the airport. Took the light rail to Westlake station and walked over to Pikes Place Market.
Here are a few photos of Pikes:



Next up, I took a Lyft to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. This is located in the city center, right next to the Space Needle. I spent about 1 hour there. It isn’t a very big museum, but it is really impressive to walk through the exhibits and admire the glass sculptures.
I then headed over to Pioneer Square. I thought I could fit in the free Underground Tour, but didn’t get a chance. Just took a few snaps and started walking back towards the station. Got a little lost, but a Seattle local helped walked me to the train station and I jumped on and headed back to the airport with time to spare.

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