Snow Machines, Dog Mushing & Reindeer Ranch

If you guys missed the first part of my Fairbanks post, please go here to read it!

Snow Machines & Dog Mushing in an Alaskan winter is a must!
We took a snow mobiling tour with Rods Alaska Guide Service. We did the 1 hour tour and we got to check out some beautiful landscapes of the North Pole. I was corrected by our guide, Chuck, that ‘Snow Mobiling’ is not the right way of talking about this activity. It’s called Snow Machining! My bad!
We were able to get suited up for our ride with helmets and warm gear. We had luxury machines with hand warmers which were really nice! This activity costs about $120+ for a 1 hour tour, depending on which tour company you go with. So be sure to save if you’d like to indulge! The trails he took us on are shared with Dog Mushing teams so we were able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful backdrop without many distractions. Chuck apparently pointed out a big Moose along our ride, unfortunately I was lagging too far behind to notice. Kim also got stuck in the snow with her snow machine for the second time on our trip, always a good laugh there. But overall a really fun time being able to go pretty fast down all the snowy bumps in the road, nearly flying off those machines!! I will for sure want to go snow mobiling again! It does tire your hands out a bit though! So maybe do a few hand stretches before! 🙂


Dog Mushing in Fairbanks with Just Short of Magic!

My group of friends booked a 1 hour dog mushing tour, but when we got there we were told our hour tour would be cut down to a half hour, due to the weather being too warm for the dogs (30 degrees). We were a little disappointed but fully understood that it was too warm for the doggies, and with so many tours going on, they did not want to exhaust them all. Still, we were excited to see and meet the pups! It was a really fun experience! The doggies are well taken care of and really love running through the snow. Once they get back they like to roll around in the snow to cool down!

Our tour guide was Jeremy loves his pack of doggies so much. He said he has about 40 dogs of his own at his home. He owns his own company, Howling Ridge. He gave us alot of insight into how he and other Dog Mushers choose their teams, and what they look out for in their dogs, such as strength, focus, and energy.  In the photos below we have his pack of doggies, leading with the lead dogs, Juno, Figgit, followed by the rest of the team; Velocity, Four, Hannah, Fleetwood, and brothers Iger, and Samford. 😀


So fun going from Snow machines to dog mushing, much more peaceful and slower pace but really awesome!

Running Reindeer Ranch
This was also an awesome experience! Jane, the Reindeer Ranch owner, has a wealth of knowledge and skillset with reindeer. She talked about how she got her first Reindeer and how the family grew! Reindeer are very gentle animals, just don’t touch their antlers! It was really interesting and alot of information on how to take care and raise them. After hearing the safety talk, we took a stroll through the beautiful snowy woods behind her house and we were able to watch the Reindeer frolic around in the snow and nibble for food. After the walk we went inside Jane’s house to get some tea, coffee and cookies! Oh boy, those chocolate chip cookies were soo good!

Running Reindeer Ranch is definitely a great experience and worth the money and drive to hang out with these beauties! The talking portion is a bit long but it’s still all very interesting and worth it! Make sure you plan on being on this tour for at least 3 hours.DSC01767DSC01739DSC01755DSC01744DSC01762DSC0175017038882_10154201454877120_4882792883087809313_o

After all these fun activities, we were still unable to see the Northern lights. But we had alot of fun with all the extra activities we packed in! 😀

I will make one more post about Fairbanks to tie things up with a video! Stay tuned! 😀


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