Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream!

The second most happiest place on Earth? Quite possibly! This museum building is so pink it’s hard to miss if you’re in the area! Just think of Unicorns and magical fairies that spewed a cotton candy mess over the buildings! hehe!

The Museum of Ice Cream started off in New York and has finally come to Los Angeles. It is completely sold out till July 10th. BUTTTT…. You have a chance to go still! The Museum has just been extended till end of August! You can buy presale American Express tomorrow aMay 11th at 9am PST. Or General sale on Friday at 9am PST! Get them fast! There is a waiting room process to receive tickets. Click here to go to their website!

There about 10 fun filled installation rooms, with a variety of awesomeness! Picture perfect for those instagram posts and making your friend who couldn’t get tickets, jealous! It’s a really fun happy go lucky place! I mean, how can one be sad looking at giant Popsicles, bananas suspended from the ceiling, giant Gummi bears, dipping into a Sprinkle pool, and trying samples upon samples of deliciousness! You won’t learn too much history about ice cream here though, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you won’t be disappointed!

Warning: If you don’t want your experience to be spoiled, please do not read ahead!


Right off the bat, I had high expectations for this museum but and it was a little disappointing in parts! For starters, that costly price of $29 (adults), $18 (kids) for a timed entry! My friends and I felt a bit rushed through the whole museum! It’s not very big, so they only let in about 15-20 people per group and you can only move forward. If you don’t mind waiting around you can stay behind and take as many photos at your hearts content, but then the next group of people are ushered in so that you have new people right on your tail.

You know those promo videos floating around all the social media platforms? Well those videos show you pretty much everything in the museum, so there are no big surprises.

You start off in a room to hear about the rules of the museum from a very peppy Ice Cream Enthusiast and you reach in to a ice cream cart and grab a Dove chocolate. If you have red or blue you just get a yummy treat, if you happen to choose a gold wrapped chocolate you get an extra special prize at the end of the tour. No idea what that extra goodie was, since no one in our group got it! Maybe you’ll have better luck!

Moving along, we entered the pink room! This room is pink perfection! A room filled with old pay phones hanging on the wall. Make sure when you pick up a phone to hear the Ice cream fairy announcer gush about what to expect along your journey and he makes you do a few fun things while you prepare for your adventure!


Next up! California Room! This room samples an ice cream scoop from different ice creams shops in California! There is a very cute mural of the Iconic Hollywood sign made Ice cream 😀 There is even a trampoline to jump on to take those soaring pics!


And then… this SHIT gets BANANAS! . . . B-A-N-A-N-A!


Each room had a Ice Cream Museum Enthusiast telling us a bit about each room and the things that we were sampling, but nothing too informative about the artists or art. The artist’s names were on the walls but were hard to find. Also no Mediums of what the art was made out of or how they were created by the Artists were provided.

We made it to the Mint Room! Or should I say the Greenhouse!
Mint plants grow in chocolate soil to get chocolate mint! You get to try a sample of some yummy Chocolate Mint Mochi! Yum yum!


Popsicles! This room was super fun! You can’t touch any of the exhibits but this was really fun to snap a few photos!


On to the Gummi Bear room! Learned quite a bit about Gummi bears, more so than ice cream actually! Did you know the green gummi bear is Strawberry flavored?


Abel Bentin who came all the way from South America to do this art piece. It was very unique, but this part got a bit crowded for us, because after this room is the Sprinkles room and it backs up into a long line. So beware! While you wait though, you can snap a few photos in front of the exhibit and taste some Charcoal chocolate cookie dough. It was very sweet, not my favorite and it turns your teeth and tongue black! So heads up if you plan on taking selfies moments after! hehe


The Sprinkle Pool!
This is super fun! Buttt it is a bit of a wait to get into the pool. Once in the pool you only get 3minutes to take as many photos as you can! Not enough time at all! But you will leave with a few stow away sprinkles after your visit!

I Scream for you Breakfast!
Grab one more sample on your way out! It’s a pancake ice cream sandwich! EAT IT FAST! It melts very fast! Here are a few more photos from my visit! And some photos from the cute gift shop after!


Overall it was a fun place to visit! I don’t think I would return but it was a fun photo opportunity and pretty cute! Remember tickets are on sale now! Go peep it if you’d like your own ice cream experience!