Scum & Villainy


This past weekend my friends and I got to check out the Scum & Villainy Cantina. It’s a fan based pop up bar located in a secretive spot in the heart of Hollywood. It has been opened for about a month already and they just announced an extension till the end of June!
We were really excited to finally get to go, after booking reservations 6 months ago!
I recommend getting there a bit early if you’d like a booth or table, otherwise you’ll be standing around for a while till the crowd thins out.  Our reservation was for 8:30pm so we got there about 7:45pm and there weren’t too many people in front of us. We were handed a ticket to get our souvenir coin and glass cup before we leave, and 2 drink tokens which was included in our price we paid for when we made reservations. We were let in promptly at 8:30pm and my group managed to snag a high top table as the booths filled up super quick! Do not be afraid to share a booth though! They are quite big!


It’s a pretty small bar but the energy and the vibes of the staff and guests were out of this world! There were about 6 large booths and a few high top tables. The ambiance was fun, with low colored lights and fog machines which added to the spacey vibes. Staff was really friendly, as well as efficient in cleaning up empty drink cups and taking away food trays. Music was a mix of fun sci-fi type of beats as well as a mixed version of the Cantina song! Overall bar, lacks any iconic decor but it is a temporary pop up bar and and no one wants to be sued so it’s kept pretty low key.


The drink menu was pretty minimal but satisfying! There were three speciality drinks and a good selection of beers. The drinks were all pretty good, especially the Wretched Blue Milk! All the drinks come accessorized with mini glow sticks for those mini light saber battles! On the other side of the menu were a few food options, pretty much your typical bar food; Tacos, Tater tots, and quesadilla. Pricing is a bit steep but you get a lot for the price so it makes it worth while if you’re hungry!


Many people came dressed up in costumes or themed fashionable attire. We had quite a bit of fun mingling with everyone around us sharing our love of this fandom. Here are some photos of our night out!


If you are a Star Wars fan, I would highly recommend checking out Scum & Villainy’s before they are gone! Here is website here to reserve some tickets through June!
—> Scum & Villainy Website